Can a Range Rover crossing a bridge made only out of paper? (video)

Range RoverI Bet that if someone challenges you to to cross in a car, a bridge made only of paper, and lets you choose the car, one of your last options is a Range Rover. But there is the british brand to show you you’re wrong, that a structure of paper can be so tough as to withstand the weight of an suv of this caliber.

is nothing more than a marketing operation that aims to celebrate the 45 years of the Range Rover. To this end, we have gone to Suzhou, China, where they have built a bridge of small dimensions, but made entirely of paper. In the video, for the avoidance of doubt, leave us a time lapse of its construction, where we see structure is used so that the paper is held in the assembly phase. Then removed.


The car chosen to perform the feat has been a Range Rover SCV6, with a mechanical 3.0-liter supercharged 340 horses of power. This data really doesn’t matter too much when performing this test, at least not as much as the weight. Land Rover, however, has worked hard to reduce the weight of the off-road to base of aluminum, another of the reasons to perform this project. But be careful, that we talk about more than 2,000 pounds in any case.

Steve Messam, entrusted to carry out the construction of the paper bridge, says that because structures have been created of this material able to withstand the weight of several people, but he had never attempted to climb over a car. To do the test just have to get a good package of leaves and see that it is difficult to bend, even more difficult with a line as thick as this bridge, which took 3 days to be built and used 54.390 sheets of paper.

Range RoverThe result we leave it for you to see it in video, where in addition you’ll see how an off-roader as the Range Rover can tackle steep slopes, another of his qualities when we speak of the attributes of the new generation of the luxury suv of Land Rover.

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