Can a shifter or a jewel? Crystal Orrefors in the new Volvo S90

Yesterday we posted the first images and details of the new Volvo S90. A large saloon Swedish that attacks a segment very traditional with a proposal full of design, minimalism and technology. My partner David Clavero also has spoken to us of his revolutionary thruster diesel, and the technology is very new, called PowerPulse. But something caught our attention in the interior of the Volvo S90. A small jewel in the form of a lever changes. A jewel of glass signed by some such Orrefors.

Orrefors is a manufacturer of crystal objects of luxury of Swedish origin. Think of a Swarovski nordic.

Orrefors company glass created at the end of the Century XXI in Sweden, and currently specializes in the creation of objects of glass, such as glasses or vases. Are luxury objects, created by hand and with a checked design. A small crystal glass of cocktail can cost about 40 euros, to give to the idea. Volvo wants to print to their cars many of the details of Swedish origin, therefore, in their optical is the hammer of Tor, the leather of the seats is from cows of Swedish origin, and the knob of the gear lever, crystal Orrefors.


A single piece of beautiful design, with the logo of Orrefors engraved on the shiny glass. Is an optional extra on the finishes highest in the Volvo S90, possibly the Inscription or Excellence. Volvo has already surprised us with a glass of Orrefors in the Volvo S60 Concept, and in the Volvo XC90 Excellence – top-of-the-range all – it is also possible to find a bottle of crystal for the gear lever. Since then, a touch too elegant, and scandinavian, a detail of luxury of low-profile, with class.

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