Can a Toyota Camry to humiliate you on the track to a Chevrolet Corvette?

this Is a trick question, as it could not be otherwise. This battle on the track between two cars, very diverse you have a cat locked up. The Toyota Camry is a V6 of the year 2015, with an engine of 3.5 liters and 268 HP. On the other side of the ring is a beautiful Corvette Stingray year 1966, in whose bowels beating a giant atmospheric V8 of 5.4 liters, capable of developing 300 HP of power. A comparison video that is very unfair… to the ancient iron american.

What is important is not the difference in power or torque, are 50 years of technical evolution that separate both cars.

The Camry is a car heavier, has less torque, and a automatic gearbox compared to the manual gearbox from the Corvette. Everything indicates on the paper which will be able to beat Toyota, but the result that you can see in the video below is distressing to the american. Lost in all and each one of the tests performed by Edmunds. Lap time at Willow Springs, acceleration from 0 to 96 km/h, quarter mile, braking distance and slalom. In all of them the american loses, and by a margin for anything scarce.

The explanation is the technology of a modern car. Suspensions, tires, engine, comfort… the evolution of the automobile has been unstoppable. And bear in mind that we are comparing to one of the best american cars of the 60 against an appliance of the transport current. The difference would have been miserable to tackle Camry with a Chevy Malibu of the era, for example. Where the Corvette itself gives an review of genuine Toyota is in sound, in emotion and feelings. It seems that, yes, we have involucionado in that aspect.

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