Can filtering the new McLaren MCL32?


At least that is what emerges from the images of a study unveiled by Real Time UK, which has posted four images in which there is a Formula 1 car with shades of orange and graphite grey.

Although not appreciated too much, the car features the logo Chandon and Castrol as well as the Honda on the hood engine, but you are missing many of the stickers own of a racing car. The pontoons take the aggressiveness own rules this year and the front wing is arrow-shaped and is suspended on a nose sharp and goes down considerably at its tip. In addition, you can appreciate the bargeboards, which this year increased considerably, as well as a rear spoiler central beam.

it Remains to be seen if the pictures we actually show the McLaren MCL32, but the leaks of images of the new cars have been frequent in recent years. On the 24th we will have the confirmation definitiva.


however, McLaren has assured through his Twitter account that the images are false and, therefore, will have to wait for the official presentation to see the MCL32 real.