Can I start the engine of a car using the AA batteries in the remote control of the tv?

Imagine for a moment that you’ve parked your car, you’ve left the lights on for several days, and the battery is discharged. Then you think of a brilliant idea (or maybe not so bright), collect all the AA batteries you have at home, in remote controls of television, sound equipment, air-conditioning, an alarm clock, the mouse and the keyboard of your computer, etc., etc. Would you be able to turn on the engine of your car using AA batteries?

Technically it is possible. The problem is that it is not practical, safe, easy, or cheap.

Technically it is possible. As published by Popular Mechanics in an article in which they also remind us that it is not easy, is expensive, and probably dangerous. A car uses a 12-volt battery, while the AA batteries we have at home, work at 1.5 volts. But, of course, that is not the most important issue at the time of starting the engine of a car. If you’re thinking that with 8 AA batteries connected in series you could turn on a car, obviously you’re wrong, but that would be enough to achieve the 12 volts from the battery of our car.

The power of the engine of a car, your starter motor, requires about 250 amps for an instant. The important thing, beyond the voltage of the circuit, is to achieve the necessary intensity. The AA batteries produce about 10 amps, with which we can go in with the understanding that the problem is more complex than we had imagined in the beginning.


therefore, and from a theoretical point of view, we begin by grouping in series 8 AA batteries to achieve 12 volts and 10 amps. To provide a current intensity sufficient to bring the starter motor to work, and proceed to the ignition of the heat engine, we will need to achieve 250 amps, for which we have to connect in parallel 25 arrays of 8-cell battery. We are talking, therefore, of 200 AA batteries.

there are Still more problems. From the theoretical point, these calculations hold up. From the practical point not. Keep in mind that the calculations are much more complex, that take into account the resistance of the welds and connections, up to the point at which to start effectively an engine we need to multiply many times that number of batteries. According to Popular Mechanics, could come to be required a number of AA batteries in the order of thousands, between 1,200 and 5,000.

The process also carries risks, like the possibility that the connections do not withstand the resistance of the circuit, and even may cause a fire.


In summary, it seems that it try to turn on the engine of your car with AA batteries is a good idea. Especially when there are alternatives much more aided, fast, and economic, as contact with a friend or a neighbor that has a few cables to bypass the battery of your car.

In the market there are already, even, batteries compact, mode powerbank, which are not only able to recharge our mobile, and our gadgets, but also laptops, or even start the engine of our car. We ourselves have tested a device of these characteristics, as the iWotto Jumper, that are capable of providing 200 Amps constant at 12 volts (and the peak of 400A).

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