Can steal the Spirit of Ecstasy of Rolls-Royce? Check it out

Sure many of you have passed, or know of someone who has passed. The theft of emblems and logos of cars started with a simple question of rebellion, but ended up altering the way of working of the manufacturers. However Rolls-Royce acted quickly to always have to save your Spirit of Ecstasy.

As we have already said, the activity became a fashion quite upset. If we don’t believe, ask the thousands and thousands of owners of Mercedes. However, is not the same German star that the sculpture of the woman with wings that there is in the nose of each Rolls-Royce in the world. A figure that represents a status.

Said to be impossible to steal, and to give you an idea, this business of Rolls-Royce in Tampa Bay, Florida, teaches this system of security that the Goodwood carried by implanting the series from the year 2004. Anything to protect that emblem, which, without doubt, is the most coveted of the entire world.

The Spirit of ecstasy leads to crowning the morro of each Rolls-Royce for more than 100 years

despite the fact that each Rolls hidden your emblem automatically nothing more to take out the ignition key, there is an extra security. With only one exercise the slightest downward pressure, the figure is collected immediately under the hood, so that no friend of what belongs to another can be done with it. Simple, but really functional.