Can the Honda Civic Type R beat a Honda CBR1000RR in circuit? [Video]

A complicated question that proposed AutoExpress boys. The Honda Civic Type R is currently the fastest sport compact – as its spectacular time in Nürburgring shows – and besides having 310 horsepower, is a marvel of effectiveness. We’ve been able to test circuit in Slovakia and has left me impressed. But is able to merendarse to a sport bike circuit? In a competition around, besides coming with 10 seconds advantage.

Despite having only 180 hp, the bike has an amazing power to weight ratio.

My answer would be no, but 10 seconds is a big advantage on any track, and what is more at Rockingham International Circuit, a relatively short route. Although the Honda Civic Type R is piloted by an official Honda riders in the European Touring Car Championship, the CBR 1000RR Fireblade is piloted by a pilot superbikes. And while Honda has “only” 180 horsepower, due to its low lightness, its power to weight ratio is nearly 850 hp / ton . Glups.

Despite knowing this information, the driver of the Civic still think you can do something against the bike, especially on curves. And not without reason. The bike is devastating in fast corners and straight , but the Civic is much more stable and has an impressive step curve. But despite his 10 second lead, a little mistake makes you lose time, and that’s when the CBR fail to devour the sport compact. Here you can see the interesting video of this intense duel around. Do not miss it.

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