Can well see the family Renault Talisman?


The Renault Talisman Family debut in the forthcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Possible format is anticipated in a projection.


Renault Talisman Familiar (Proyección) H ace few days we show a digital recreation of an unlikely Talisman coupé format. However, Renault has confirmed that the sedan format will have a second body , coming to Frankfurt Motor Show under a package of the type family.

The family Talisman Renault will debut in September.

The possible format of your Renault Family Talisman is anticipated at a screening carried out by digital artist X-Tomi , who shows us how could look the model.

Given that the sedan offers load volume of 608 liters oriented variant families will overcome this as probably being able to transform it into the leader in its segment. Although Renault plans to beat their rivals in that respect, it should surpass the 650 liters offered by the Volkswagen Passat Variant , one of its most direct competitors.

With Talisman Renault aims to rivals like the Volkswagen Passat and Ford Mondeo and to keep up, turned to a team of German engineers to oversee its development and its quality. The commitment to differentiate model which replaced the talisman has been very strong, to the point that Renault resigned after three generations to name Laguna adopted in 1993 when they decided to replace Renault 21 .

probably will not be like the final design, but serves as an approximation to what we know after his debut Frankfurt in September.

Photo: X-Tomi





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