Can you humiliate Launch Control in a drag race against a Volkswagen Polo? (Video)

The Launch Control is fitted in a large part or all of modern sports system. Basically, it helps us to go from standstill to maximum acceleration. In auto and electronics that dominates the entire car, allow to maximize engine power, gas balancing, traction control and gearbox optimally. But activate can be a slow and complicated process . So slow to a Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion faster in a quarter mile? Let’s check it out.

The Launch Control requires a sequence of actions to prevent accidental activation.

And the answer to the question that you have posed in the title may surprise you. AutoExpress has organized a most peculiar race. You have collected the BMW M4 , a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS and Mercedes-AMG C 63 to duel in a quarter mile into a Volkswagen Polo Bluemotion with an engine 1.0 TSI . And for once, is not an unfair comparison. For the three sports must set your output before Launch Control. And the Polo has Launch Control system – or need


The process of set the Launch Control system is reasonably simple in Porsche and BMW , but still required to perform a few actions in a coordinated way. In the Mercedes it requires you to learn it by heart in advance or you’ll end up looking at the car’s manual. While all three cars up its Launch Control the Polo Bluemotion is already devouring asphalt. The outcome of this race as you can see in the video that we leave behind these lines.

The conclusion is that Launch Control is merely a gadget – that is so cool, yeah -. Whose practicality in the real world is unclear

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