Can you imagine a Nissan GT-R, autonomous, able to make quick turns without driver?

today we know very little about the next generation of the Nissan GT-R. Not would take too many risks if we were to say that your design will be spectacular, probably in the line that looks like the prototype Concept 2020 that you see in these images. Nor would it be risky to imagine some sort of hybridization, and a lot of technology, to improve performance and fit into the landscape of a more sustainable industry. Now, what if the new Nissan GT-R was autonomous? What if it was able to make quick turns of record, in circuit, and without a driver? Leaves of think of it. Everything points to that at Nissan see with good eyes this idea.

At Nissan, exploring different possibilities, including that of making the next Nissan GT-R is able to make quick turns in circuit, without a driver.

These days spoke to us about this in the british magazine Top Gear, in the wake of an interview with Richard Candler, head of product strategy for Nissan, which not hesitate to say that the next Nissan GT-R would be the perfect candidate to become one of the first autonomous cars of the brand, that would claim to occupy the whole range from a modest Micra, to a powerful GT-R.

Of time as they are only ideas, that are not necessarily met, but the mere fact that Richard speaks of a Nissan GT-R, autonomous, able to make quick turns in the circuit, since we can lead to imagine in what line can evolve some sports in the near future.


it does Not appear that a sports, a car designed to be enjoyed by your driver, fits in the vision that we have of the autonomous car of the future.

Buy a sporty to drive it is absurd. Buy a sporty to drive through it, very fast, and on track, it is even more absurd. The autonomous car can revolutionize the automotive industry. Joined to other ideas, as the economy collaborative, and car sharing, the autonomous car can revolutionize our lives. But the concept of the autonomous car seems to fade in the moment that what is proposed is its application in a sport that is meant to be enjoyed by his driver. Nor should we forget that this is something we are already exploring other brands, like Audi, and their prototype RS 7 Piloted Driving Concept.

As they said on Jalopnik, in the wake of a video of Frank Stephenson (McLaren), the idea of driving a sports able to be piloted without a driver still could make sense. And this meaning would not be other than to teach his owner how to drive it to make the best possible use of your benefits and improve as a pilot. That would be a great idea.

Buy a Nissan GT-R, on which we could enter at the Nürburgring, click a button, and that we replicase the fastest lap of the record that marked the last pilot in the assault on the Green Hell, it would be like to pay for having a huge rollercoaster in the garden. Don’t you think?

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