Can you imagine Ferrari in the Formula E? Stop imagining…

Sergio Marchionne Ferrariahead important changes in the legendary company of Maranello. Just a couple of days ago I we told you that Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Ferrari, announced that all their new models from 2019 onwards will be hybrid vehicles, combining the traditional thermal engines with propellers electric. Today Marchionne and Ferrari are back in the news, and that is that we could see a single-seater electric Formula E with the “cavallino” on the front.

During a teleconference explaining the data obtained in the third quarter on the New York Stock exchange, Sergio Marchionne, gave a surprise. He said that currently not considered to enter in this competition racing cars electric by its current regulation. To the middle of the race the riders enter the pits to change cars, and this point seems not to like at all, the CEO of Ferrari. However, it expected that within a few years, if the regulations change, your participation would be possible.

Sergio Marchionne“I’ve been turning with my fellow Ferrari for a while.” “If that were to happen, would happen within a few years. But it is possible”, stated Marchionne. In this way, we have made clear two things quite important. First that Ferrari right now is not proposed to enter fully in this championship, which they say is the future of the Formula 1; and second, and perhaps more importantly, that within Ferrari will begin to take completely seriously the mechanics and technologies of the future.

This, along with the news of the future engines propelled by hybrid systems, we see that even the brands of supercars exclusive have to rethink what direction to take in a few years. The future of vehicles is still quite undecided, although it is virtually certain that the electricity will remain with us for many years as propulsion system, and that the heat engines, iran seeing as its importance in the automobile decreases.

Source – Motor1