Can you imagine seeing 19 cars like yours in the same parking lot? This happens to players of Leicester

BMW i8 regalo jugadores Leicester last season the humble british team Leicester City, whose main objective was to stay one more year in the top division of the football league English, he won the title of champion of the Premier League for the first time in its history. Broke all the predictions and bets for the premiership, turning this story into a milestone in a success story, a source of motivation for many.

After winning the title, the director of the club gave away a BMW i8 to each of the players, except those who had decided to change club. The news was shocking and the media did us echo of it. Nothing less than 19 supercars-hybrid BMW by the chairman, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, you would pay close to $ 2.5 million euros if you did not get discounts when they buy the whole fleet. BMW i8 regalo jugadores Leicester So that there would be discussions, or so we understand, Srivaddhanaprabha decided to purchase each and every one of the 19 BMW i8 identical, with the same blue in the body-similar to the colors of the current champion of the Premier. Maybe not what he thought too well, and that is that this has been a problem and, it seems, some players as Wes Morgan, Jeffrey Schlupp, Riyad Mahrez and Danny Simpson have decided to take your car to the bodyshop to be submitted to a color change.

The problem is that when you get out of training or matches, as the cars are identical (except the registry), it is very complicated to identify what is the of each one. Imagine that you are in a parking lot is not very big, no places are reserved for each car, and the 19 cars are exactly the same. The mess is insured, right? Worst of all is that, in addition to, surely out of all the players almost at the same time, so “the play” to give the command to illuminate the lights is not as effective in that situation. A situation very funny for those who see it from outside, by the way.