Cancelled the ePrix of Moscow, Monaco is not a solution


The Formula E is left without ePrix Moscow, as it has announced Alejandro Agag, after the incessant rumors that accompany the news from the last week. In this way, and in the absence of a site that could take the place in the calendar of the appointment, russia on the 4th of June, the competition power of the FIA to focus all of their efforts in the last three races of the season that are included in the next ePrix in Berlin and on the two sleeves that are held in the ePrix of London, city in charge of closing the season.

After confirming the cancellation of the ePrix of Moscow, the promoter of the Formula E looked for a city substitute that could accommodate the test that was scheduled for June 4. In this aspect, Monaco was a real possibility. However, the conversations between the Automobile Club of Monaco (ACM) and emissaries of the Formula E have not been allowed to find a solution. The tight calendar of sporting events of a first level that is Monaco and the district of Montecarlo make it impossible for the conclusion of an ePrix Formula E, as happened in the inaugural season.

In this aspect, it should be noted that between days 26 and 29 of may is celebrated the Grand Prix of Monaco of Formula 1 in the streets of the city. With less than a week of difference between both events, the ACM may not guarantee the adequate logistics to the paddock of the Formula 1 is deconstructing time to take its place the Formula E. To this fact we must add the contention of an international event jump in Monte carlo at the end of June and the celebration of the ‘Monaco Historic Grand Prix’, that without having a date so close, also posed a logistical challenge.