Can’t find site? Try these four apps to park

A turn, another… find parking in certain areas of the city, is a task that we lose a lot of time and above all, patience. At the end, and if we are lucky, we’ll get somebody who is running to his car while leaving a space and finally park. This problem is still greater if we do not know the city or the neighborhood you want to park, but fortunately, up to this we can also resorting to the mobile phones that we can provide a solution definitive for this problem. The principle is simple: one comes to the area in which you want to park, and resorting to any of the applications that we will detail, you will be able to find free parking (or paid) in a very simple way. We are going with them.


Is more useful and effective in areas with a high density of traffic, with most drivers.

it Is an interesting project led by a few Spanish entrepreneurs who propose to employ the so-called “economy collaborative” on the internet to facilitate finding parking spaces. The idea is simple: the user Wazypark, before the release of a plaza in a busy area, alert you via the app, in such a way that another user of the service, who is looking for parking, find that in a few minutes, that square is free. The odd thing is that the service will reward those who free squares by using a system of points which can be monetized later. The application account with more and more users and as you have probably been able to deduce, it is more useful and effective in those areas with a high density of traffic in which in addition to scarce parking spaces, increases the likelihood that there will be more users of the system.

This app is completely free but those that we have used for a while we have encountered some drawbacks: when one is going to release a square, usually agrees to notify WazyPark when you are already sitting behind the wheel, and in this case, if the square is valued, it will be very difficult for the other user of the service the locate. For parking, nor is it easy: the only thing that counts is the model of the car and the color, along with an approximate location provided by the application, thus finding that car that comes out is not easy at times.



, Parkopedia has in its database the blue and green areas, as well as their approximate cost.

With the app, one can find a parking space at the foot of the street of a vehicle that is on the verge of giving it up, but… what if what you’re looking for is a parking? Parkopedia enables us resolves this ballot. This application, also available as a web service, we show all the parking options available around us, the distance we are from them, and attentive to this, the cost of the same.

The best of the matter is that also incorporates the blue zones and their cost (not only payment, but also for the annulment of the complaints). Parkopedia will present to the user the number of available spaces in the car parks that provide this information to the user and to go to a parking area determined, it is sufficient to select it with your finger and the phone will launch the navigation app to take us to her.



is Only an application of GPS? No, Waze is much more than that.

This application originally designed as for use in quality of web browser to the vehicle, will help us also to find a parking space in times of trouble or in places that we may not know. How do I use it? Very simple: instead of indicating to the application that we bring to a given street, teclearemos the word “parking,” and the system will offer us all the options nearby. The odd thing is that, depending on the city, will also present car parks are “unofficial”, as it may be a solar or abandoned factory that you can park the vehicle. Its main advantage is that we can use this funcióde to find a parking space after you have used Waze as GPS and without exiting the application.



One of the most valuable is that it incorporates the feedback of users and recommendations.

Those addicted to the check-ins know how addictive that can be using Foursquare (or better said, her first cousin Swarm), but this social application can be a bonanza to the hour to park our car. Its operation is very similar to that of Waze: it is to look around us with the term “parking lot” for… oh, tachán! Find multiple options to leave our car. Does your advantage? incorporates the parking lots of places where one would not think to park but free parking, as opposed to certain hotels. Does your drawback?

Precisely the same reason: the search engine does not know our intentions so that any user of the app that you have written the word “parking” in your analysis, that will include any business or location. All in all, this way of finding parking space has an invaluable advantage: brings us to the reviews of users and it is that, as you know, some car parks are designed for the owners of a Mini, or is it necessary to go down three floors to the area of rotation, drawbacks that we’ll be able to save in advance.

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