Capito: “Volkswagen would have dominated the WRC in the 2017”


Jost Capito is back in Volkswagen after his short-lived and discreet stay of five months in the McLaren F1. Although now Capito will be responsible of Volkswagen R GmbH and Volkswagen Zubehör GmbH, or what is the same, of the departments of high performance and the sale of accessories, the former Chief of Volkswagen Motorsport was not slow in leaving his seal. In statements collected by ‘Autosport’, Jost Capito says Volkswagen would have been the dominator of the WRC in 2017 may not have accomplished his exit from the championship before the occur the homologation of the Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017.

In this aspect, Jost Capito, has been shown to be very convinced of his words: Volkswagen would have dominated the WRC 2017, or at least would have had a big advantage at the start of the season. Volkswagen began work before anyone else in the regulations in 2017. last year almost never tested the car in 2016, everything was working on the car again. The pilots made several rallies without testing the car last year, because its development was finished in late 2015. From then on everything was focused on the car of 2017 and that is a major advantage“.

In this line, Capito added: “When you see our drivers driving other cars and complain about them, knowing they did the tests with the Polo R WRC 2017, you can only think that Volkswagen had the best package. We got paid by the win, and despite everything said, I think it would have been much tighter this year than in previous seasons. All in all, it is very frustrating to have put our hearts into a project that never saw the light despite being in a position as good. Everyone was eager to see our how to work our car in the race”.