Car manufacturing in Spain amounted to 2 million units

fabricaciónin spite of the great crisis we have lived in Spain the foundation of the automobile sector have withstood stoically the onslaught. This has made our industry has become a reference the world in production as in export of vehicles. Moreover, thanks to the thrust of our factories the industry components and auxiliaries has become the reference in many countries.

Thanks to this strength until the last month of may the production registered in the Spanish factories amounted to 1.322.118 units. The National Association of Manufacturers of Cars and Trucks placed this production in a 107 per cent with respect to the registered in the same period of the previous year. This growth demonstrates that the cars manufactured in Spain have a good level of sales in the most 120 countries to which it exports the 80 percent of our production.

fabricaciónBecause, if we continue with the numbers in hand, ANFAC has reported that the production of new vehicles in the native soil during the first eight months of the year have already reached the two million units. This figure has been possible thanks to the excellent performance that has had in the last month of August. In this month the production has reached the 110.830 units representing an increase of 75,1 per cent with regard to August 2015.

in Addition to producing the exports also show a rhythm excellent. During these first eight months have been grown a 11,11 percent reaching a total of 1.634.890 units. In the case of August, according to ANFAC, the numbers are overwhelming, since nine out of every ten cars produced in Spain have gone to a third country. This makes the export of vehicles to be positioned in a more-than-good 83 per cent.

we Hope that Spain will continue to hold the country’s second-highest number of cars exported to other countries in the world and that the market will continue to recover with the strength that he has been doing until today.

Source – Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Cars and Trucks