Car sales in large stores (Walmart) will come in a couple of years

Venta de coches Walmart

Today when we go to buy a car we know that we have to go to a dealership. Before we dive into the depths of the internet to have to hit click all the available information about the model that we are interested in purchasing. With all of the data necessary for the model, characteristics and equipment, then is when talk and negotiate (I say my) with the commercial of turn, and if you come to a good agreement then it will result in the purchase of the car.

This sequence you describe could change in a very short time. In the race for the sale of cars has already gotten the internet with Amazon (although it will continue to evolved by its reduced spectrum) and is already talking about that certain “large surfaces” would also be interested in having new vehicles for sell. At first this idea may seem absurd but if we think a little bit and put on foot one by one the pros and cons can be very profitable for the brands.


The first major surface that could rush to sell car is Walmart. This chain of supermarkets sold “almost” all and if it finally is able to put in their showrooms cars, we will only be wanting to sell boats and houses. The first stone that will put the firm to cement the sale of cars in their shops will be a association with the car dealer over the internet CarSaver.

they will sale cars in more than 25 stores divided by the united States. The main points on which you will be able to acquire cars will be Houston, Dallas, Phoenix and Oklahoma City. The operation is very simple and would be of the following form: the client connects to the web Walmart and from there to the CarSaver. Once inside you would select the type of car you are looking for and the main features.

When the client have all chosen the web will tell you the dealer that must be addressed and immediately you will pass a notice to the commercial team of the same. If the customer’s visit to the dealer selected is paid off with the sale of the vehicle both CarSaver as Walmart will be your deserved commission and all have earned.

Obviously, one may think that to not be the cars exposed in Walmart is not a traditional sale. There I fully agree, but you have to understand that today everything can change and cease to be what it was. And in this the sale of cars is only a matter of time to come to Spain.

Source – Walmart