Carbon fiber and gold leaf: McLaren makes a nod to its past with a spectacular P1 one-off

The presence of McLaren at the Geneva motor show will be strong, although discreet in terms of what’s new. It is not expected that the Woking show any new sports, with the exception of the already known 675LT convertible, a Long Tail of which you have already talked about a few weeks. However, your division’s MSO – McLaren Special Operations – pull out chest and presented in the shows switzerland two cars with which he makes a real nod to the past of the brand. Join us to discover them.

McLaren’s MSO says that this is the first McLaren P1 to receive a suit of carbon-fiber-view in a comprehensive manner.

Although the production of the McLaren P1 – 375 units, which were manufactured over a period of almost three years – stopped a few weeks ago, the MSO has put their hands on one of the last units of has clothed in full carbon-fiber. Or rather undressed, because it has brought out the fibres of its body panels, thanks to a painted blue semi-transparent that leaves us to appreciate its interlaced. The bumper, the diffuser, different parts of the body, are presented in black carbon fiber.

mclaren-mso-ginebra-2016-4The wheels have been painted in a satin black, which forms a delicious contrast with the bodywork. In the interior, everything has been reupholstered in Alcantara black. The exhaust system of the McLaren P1 has been lined in gold leaf of 24 carats, an authentic tribute to the legendary McLaren F1 of the 90’s. In the supercar original, one of the curiosities was that the engine bay was lined with gold leaf for a good thermal insulation of the enormous heat generated by the V12.

another novelty of MSO is a 675LT Spider one-off. The difference with the rest of the 500 units 675LT Spider that will occur is that its hardtop is made of carbon fiber, saving 1 kg with respect to the 675LT Spider conventional – if this adjective can be applied. Other panels of the bodywork have also been finished in carbon fibre and like the P1, has received a finish with gold leaf for the last stretch of their exhaust line. Two cars simply delicious.


Source: McLaren
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