Carbonfiber Dynamics has the subtle extra touch that you need your BMW M4

BMW M4 pass again by the hands of a trainer, so yes, on this occasion, to give us a more subtle evolution that, from the hand of Carbonfiber Dynamics leaves us, as it could not be otherwise, with a ration of additional new details in carbon fiber.

If you’ve been tempted by these new pieces do not miss the catalog of M Performance Parts BMW.

body kit provides us with a new bumper cutting is more aggressive with a new front splitter, new sideskirts side, a new rear spoiler type lip and a new rear diffuser, all of this, of course, developed in carbon fiber and with a good-looking, worthy of being part of the standard equipment of the M4.

in Addition, the preparer has accompanied this M4 a stripes on the sides, a new tires and a new exhaust.

it is recalled that BMW has its own catalog of “tuning” to the BMW M4 (and for the most part of models of your catalog) in the form of M Performance Parts. Splitter, wheels, carbon fiber parts, details for the interior and even technical improvements to the exhaust, brakes, suspensions…

by way of brief review…

BMW M4 has a mechanical supercharged 6 in-line cylinders and 3 liters of cubicaje that developed 431 horses to the rear axle. Is available with manual gearbox or automatic transmission and its starting price is 92.100 € . If you prefer to do so in the format saloon BMW M3 part since the 89.950 euros while the variant soft-top convertible, the BMW M4 Cabrio, starts from 102.100 euros.

image Gallery BMW M4 of Carbonfiber Dynamics: