Care care!! The Opel and Vauxhall Zafira second generation continue to burn

Opel Zafira

What is happening to Opel or Vauxhall (in Uk) with the Zafiras second-generation seems to witchcraft. A while ago we had news that these cars could go out and burn if there was a fuel leak, however, it seems that the problem that causes these fires is more related to the heating system, and air-conditioning with other reasons.

The evil spread to other models of the signing of the beam since Opel Corsa of the previous generation (the current pre restyling) also be affected. Nevertheless, it seems that the problem of the utility if that has been fixed but the evil of the Zafira seems more complicated to solve. The issue is that the firm has not been able to correct the problem and it seems to be that you continue to burn more vehicles all over the Uk.

Opel Zafira ardiendo

As reported by BBC Radio many Opel Zafira would have gone for a technical service officer to solve the problem of their ventilation systems and heating. However, it seems that many others do not have never come to stepping onto a dealer and without having solved this problem would be being sold by other dealers as vehicles of second hand.

The main association of the sector in the country has warned that if the cars are sold without having been reviewed by the mark it will continue to produce more fire, and hence putting at risk the lives of its occupants. For this reason, they have requested the government to believe two security mechanisms. For a part would be to make a a preventive campaign when these vehicles go to a station ITV for an operator to verify that they have been reviewed by the brand.

The second security mechanism would be focused on the creation of a database. It would contain all the affected models and would help if there would be some case of fire, the driver can check if your vehicle was one of those affected. In addition, it will also serve as an element to force the owners these cars to pass “once” by an official service of the brand to solve the problem once and for all.

Source – BBC Radio

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