Care, Volkswagen would have falsified sales data in France

Says the wise Spanish proverb that “the dog skinny everything they are fleas”. This expression is often applied to people being in a sensitive situation are not without setbacks. The Group Volkswagen not that it will be in a compromised state, since it enjoys health, fame and love in the automotive world, but it seems that fleas not stop growing since uncovered the Dieselgate.

According to have revealed that several media, the French division of the Volkswagen Group it would have been working on body and paint for makeup sales who would have had the different brands that make up the group. The first numbers speak of more than 800 thousand cars that were supposed to were sold but never registered.

apparently, this activity is carried out so that the heads germans from the Volkswagen Group to see that the performance of the operations in France was going well. According to cite these sources, the practice was carried out from the year 2010 and was discovered when the auditors of the trade mark is put to investigate on deviations between a few numbers, and other.

as soon As they had evidence in hand (April this year), responsible for audit, passed the report to the Group CEO. Once you read the document it was decided to cease ipso facto to Jacques Rivoal, Head of Volkswagen in the country. This problem has been made public now, but it could well affect more countries or time periods.

Will have to see how this situation affects the global operations of the German conglomerate, because now not only does it play its leadership as the world’s largest manufacturer, but its entire future because of the Dieselgate. What is clear is that shall tread very ready if you do not want to have the most problems in half the world.

today, the Volkswagen Group has not made any official statements about it. As a consolation there is that mention that this practice “or” error tends to happen from time to time as it is already affected in the united States to Fiat Chrysler Cars (FCA). In that situation, they were only a few thousand units, but in this case the size of the case is of gargantuan proportions.

Source – Automotive News

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