Careful with the mode Drift of the Ford Focus RS, you can pass this on (video)

Accidente de Ford Focus RS con modo DriftOne of the systems most unique in that it brings on the Ford Focus RS is the driving mode Drift. With all-wheel-drive and differential piloted electronically that can manage each wheel individually, the designers of the compact sports they came up with a configuration that, instead of improving the traction out of corners, to send more torque to the rear wheel of the outer side to search for the oversteer.

Ford has stressed on multiple occasions that in this way Drift is for exclusive use in the circuit, but there are always those who jump the recommendations of the manufacturer. During a route of several units of the Ford Focus in the united States, one of the participants boasted of his brand-new Ford Focus RS by a mountain road when he decided to activate the “yaw”. Ehe result is what we see in the video below.

As we can see in the video, our protagonist lost control of the car and hits against the wall of the mountain, when about to dump its compact and sporty. Luckily you don’t get to dump, for the blow is strong, and makes a jump to the airbags, leaving finally empanzado in a ditch that separates the road from the wall.

very easy that is to make the skid to the new Focus RS with its all-wheel-drive mode and the Drift, it is one thing to activate it, turn and accelerate abruptly, and another very different is to master this art so eye-catching and spectacular. 350 horses are not exactly few and it is very easy to believe Ken Block in one of their “scavenger hunts”.

The cars of today are very easy to drive, but if you want to show off and we are ready, we can end up like that, doing the ridiculous and stayed with stupid face. We must pay more attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations and the own common sense.

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