Carlex Design creates interior a bit discreet for a Porsche Cayenne S

throughout this year there are few occasions in which
Carlex Design has left us
speechless with their preparations and modifications of interiors. The
trainer Polish has been enshrined at the international level as one of the
best time of redesigning and changing up and down any inside
a car, whether it be modern, classic, cheap or exclusive. And with this new
work that is presented to us, we can say that it has returned to give the nail on the head. In this
on the occasion, the protagonist is a Porsche
Cayenne S

Carlex Design Porsche Cayenne S

this is the interior of the Porsche Cayenne S modified by the preparer Carlex Design.

Created at the request of one of the clients of the preparer, Carlex Design has been put to work to give the SUV a German interior is completely new. To the naked eye, there is one thing that remains clear. And that is, it has sought to create an environment more understated and elegant. Quite the contrary, the combination of colors chosen by the trainer may seem extravagant, but let’s give it a chance.

In the first place, Carlex Design has fully retired leather trim black original that “wore” this Porsche Cayenne S as well as the details in Alcantara and some of the trim installed in some of the areas of the SUV from Porsche. Subsequently, he began to install the new gown that has been designed for the same. Now the lime green take the leading role.

we Can find such key elements as important as the seatbelts, the stitching of the upholstery or trim present on the doors, dashboard, center console and even the steering wheel and the central sphere of the four instruments. The contrast achieved is brutal and at first sight it will seem excessive. It should be noted that the color has been chosen by the client of the preparer.

Carlex Design Porsche Cayenne S

The trainer Polish has installed a new upholstery, trim, alfombirllas and much more.

on the other hand, Carlex Design has also kept some of the original elements of carbon fiber with the idea that the lime green color contrast even more. Now, the front and rear seats feature a new upholstery that combines a mixture of leather and Alcantara perforated. The color of this fabric is shown somewhat more clearly than the use originally by the German brand.

The exterior of this Porsche Cayenne S modified by Carlex Design remains unchanged, as the (mechanical. The trainer Polish does not usually work outside, although on some occasions we’ve seen him wear a few tires and even perform paint jobs. Although, of course, is not his strong point. In short, Carlex has managed to create a new single model. What do you think of the result? At a minimum it is “eye-catching”.