Carlos Sainz: between still waiting for Red Bull and listen to offers


The rise of Max Verstappen Red Bull left in a very tricky situation to Carlos Sainz. The Dutch and he had made his debut at the same time in Formula 1, but while the first gave him the opportunity to climb to the first team, the second left him in Toro Rosso until further order. The announcement was a disappointment to him, because they felt that they were rewarding your partner prematurely.

The victory for Verstappen in Montmeló served as the perfect argument for those who supported the decision of Helmut Marko and, but then Monaco fell to the hells with major accidents. While the former Toro Rosso lived this roller coaster, Sainz born two of his best performances in Formula 1, with a fifth in Montmeló and an eighth (it might have been better not to have error in the pit lane).

it Is in this context when more and more have begun to surface the news about their future, offerings that you have on the table and what you’re thinking, the young man from madrid.

Offer Ferrari… and other

The name of Sainz appears bound for a long time to Ferrari. In the last few weeks, both from Great Britain (what did Sky Sports) as well as from Spain (it did Sportyou) point out that the Scuderia has been interested in the services of Carlos Sainz to replace a Kimi Räikkönen hurry their last time in Formula 1.

The pilot, in a public way, gives the official version of the speech, and denied any linkage with the square of Maranello. “What Ferrari are just rumours without foundation, but it is clear that I am happy because people start to keep me in mind,” said the broker to the media during the presentation of the ‘Legacy of Maria de Villota’, where she was thrilled to remember the pilot who died. Sainz thinks only up to Red Bull, as made his ex-mate Verstappen.

however, in private, admit that they have an ace under the sleeve:

“Carlos has a contract with Red Bull and your goal is to go race to race with Toro Rosso, and do it well, but we are exploring all the options”

This phrase, which comes from the direct environment of Sainz, makes it clear that the Red Bull-Toro Rosso is the present, but they do not want to repeat the history of others who have gone through the crusher, such as Sebastien Buemi or Jaime Alguersuari among others.

Ricciardo, the axis of change


“Helmut Marko has already said that Sainz would have his chance,” recalls the same source The big question is what kind of opportunity and when it will occur, because with the rise of Verstappen to the first team of Red Bull, the situation is very stable.

what, Then, will come down to Ricciardo to go up to Sainz? Nothing makes you think that it will be as well. The australian has the support of Marko for a long time, and Red Bull are remarkably satisfied with it. Even so, his name is on the table from Ferrari, as Sainz, to form a team with Sebastian Vettel again. The German knows him well, and supports the arrival at the Scuderia, provided that they make it clear that it is he who holds the role of pilot number 1. If Ricciardo goes to Red Bull, is a hollow… and Daniil Kvyat you have very few options back to top. There is only one name: Carlos Sainz.