Carlos Sainz drives his Peugeot 3008 DKR Maxi in the streets of Madrid

Carlos Sainz and Luis Cruz have been entered by the puerta grande in Madrid, assembled at the authentic Peugeot 3008 DKR Maxi with the one that won the Dakar 2018. Before the excitement of the passers-by, have been led through the streets of the capital until you reach the very Gate of the Sun, where they have been honored by their victory. The car, still with the signs of having run through the difficult terrain of the competition, will remain in the Real Casa de Correos, as part of an exhibition that will last throughout the weekend.

During your journey, stopped to be able to to greet the curious and admirers. In that moment, to the surprise of all, have placed the car on two wheels using the system in side elevation, which is integrated in the car to change the tire. Shortly after, have entered the landmark building not without some difficulty due to the dimensions that has the off-road, that is 19 cm more width than that of the previous edition.

A off-road of the Dakar in the heart of Madrid

once you placed the vehicle in the area defined for the exposure, the champions received a memorial plaque by the authorities of madrid in a ceremony in which Carlos Sainz dedicated a few words to working in a team with his fellow Catalan: “The sport shows that a pilot in madrid and other Catalan are capable of fighting for the same goal and bring to Spain a trophy that makes us very proud. I hope that this will serve as an example”.

For its part, the co-pilot Lucas Cruz declared that his victory is “a reflection of very hard work faced with determination […] The result is here and it is a merit of many people who have worked behind, as mechanical, and in my case I feel very comfortable with Carlos in a small office of one square meter”.

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