Carlos Sainz father and Carlos Sainz Jr. award-winning in Italy

Carlos Sainz padre e hijoCarlos Sainz father and Carlos Sainz Jr. traveled to Italy, where he would be awarded with awards to their respective trajectories. The two pilots in madrid, father and son, one in their journey on the Rally and the other for his career in single-seaters and for his exceptional debut in F1 with the team Toro Rosso, the team that will take the Ferrari engine next year and that its headquarters is located in the alpine country.

Carlos Sainz Jr. got the award Caschi d’oro “best rookie 2015” that delivers the Italian magazine Autosprint. His father, Carlos Sainz accompanied him on the stage at the time of collecting the prize, but he was also there to collect his award, but this time, due to his veteran status, would be to award “pilot legend”. So the family of athletes dedicated to the engine have been rewarded for their work and they have not missed the words of gratitude even for Twitter.

Carlos Sainz Jr. Toro RossoCarlos Sainz Jr. wanted to highlight that “I’ve been to other events in the past, but be recognized in the country of origin of Toro Rosso makes this something a little more special. In addition, to be standing on the stage with my father with his award for best sports career was a family moment of which to be very proud of.“. So he was grateful for the young rider from madrid by the gesture of Autosprint.

however, Carlos Sainz Jr. he also made a statement something desesperanzadoras in 2016 about the possibilities of Toro Rosso with an engine Ferrari with specification 2015. According to the young driver, other motorists will evolve more of their power units and despite the good performance of the Ferrari engine from 2015, Toro Rosso will be harmed by not using the spec more up-to-date in Maranello. We’ll see where is Toro Rosso with the Ferrari engine of 2015 and Red Bull with engine TAG Heurer (Renault) 2016…

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