Carlos Sainz: “I have a monkey huge and really amazing”


Photo: Toro Rosso.

Carlos Sainz was in ‘The Party of 12‘, chain COPE, talking about your recent past, your present and your future. He did so with sincerity and sympathy, as each time it faces the microphones. And he admitted that he is dying of desire for to get back behind the wheel: “I have a monkey huge, really amazing to get back on the Formula 1. Whenever I can I watch any race on tv, last year, I have them all very views already, I know everything that goes on. It is a month and a half long, but if you do not want, comes to me well that time to get strong and get more eager still”. In the meantime, is preparing physically for what will be his second season in the top category: “I’m doing three sessions a day, four or five hours a day of sport, more diet without hardly any carbs to lose that few pounds that we gained during the year and at Christmas. I have a new head coach and we are starting to know and introduce new things in the training that I give a plus for the coming year”.

The spaniard makes a lot of physical exercise, but do not let of driving: “I Run, do weights, and I’m going to the karting Recas (Toledo) a couple of times a week with a KZ, which is the beast that I’ve taken in my life apart from a Formula 1, and what’s more in the form sets and more specific job leads. And if the get off, do weights, exercises of the neck, and others, you have just been putting strong”. In 2016 expect a step forward, but complicated the podium: “Depends on many things, and it would not be normal. Can happen, just like that could have happened in 2015 if it had come out all perfect in any career, but it is not normal neither is it for this year. The Ferrari engine will give us a plus. Talk about a second per lap, I don’t think that much, maybe six or eight tenths, but I doubt that the rest of the teams improve so much and hopefully we are fifth in the championship instead of sixths or sevenths”. Sainz pointed to the best of his experience as a pilot: “Do what one likes most is the best thing of being a pilot of F1. Is what I recommend to the people, to exercise your passion into your profession. The life you enjoy as if it was party all the day”. And also the worst thing: “The travel and little rest. I wish I could teletransportarme, because the hotels and the travel can be very tiring. I’ve had the 23 December to 1 January for me, or train travel, so I’ve gone skiing with friends and my family and to hunt, and I encanta“.


Foto: Toro Rosso.

Sainz analyzed the season of its debut, and the rest of pilots: “The good was Hamilton, although he did not make a good end and I think that a champion should win, also when you already have the title won, but he had a very good year. The one that has had a year of ugly is perhaps Raikkonen could have done better. And bad, not all dan level for this category. Not everyone can be champions or potential champions, but they all have level“. A year that he had difficult moments: “I got bad milk a few times and did well to restrain myself because there were many difficult times, of those tense”. The worst moment, not only in the championship but his life was the accident of Russia: “The worst two seconds of my life. The first impact that is mild to the second that you go without brakes and to 200 km/h was the worst. Quickly I felt that all was well, but I realized that my family would be seeing and thinking that it’s not brought me out of there and they would be having an awful time gave me a horrible feeling. I believe that my father in those 17 minutes almost gave him time to pull out the visa to Russia. I hope it doesn’t happen again”.

His father, precisely, is leading the Dakar, a competition that the Toro Rosso closely follows: “I give a lot of the pain in the neck to my father during the test, tips, as he has given me throughout the year, and laugh because in the background, you have to admit, we are like in many things, even the way you talk. He respect me a lot and makes me case, and I’m proud. We make a good team”. Some day I would like to imitate him: “It’s an adventure that I would love to do. It is a race very different to everything else, it’s an adventure, many days, and gives you an option, even to know yourself. I would like to check if I would be patient for something as well, go slowly, not to atascarme in the sand…it is a race for survivors, athletes. I expect to go before having 53 years”. In the meantime, it will continue in Formula 1, proving the good feelings that left in its premiere.