Carlos Sainz: “I’m ready to move up to Red Bull”


The seats of the teams top of the grill are the most coveted. They are the only ones that ensure, in great measure, to fight for wins race after race. The pilot of Scuderia Toro Rosso, Carlos Sainz, has amply demonstrated that it would be able to fill one of them with solvency if given the chance some day; however, there are several factors that prevent you from landing in that more illusion would make: Red Bull Racing.

With the departure of Sebastian Vettel to Ferrari in 2015, the team of the energy drink he took the decision to move up to Daniil Kvyat and give him a chance next to Milton Keynes, getting Carlos to STR and sharing a garage with Max Verstappen. The good work of the Dutch, combined with a couple of actions disastrous to the Russian, led to a degradation of Kvyat at the team that saw him debut in F1 and a meteoric rise of Max, who happen to share a motorhome with Daniel Ricciardo. The rest is history.

“I will Continue doing what I’m doing and we’ll see what happens”, says the madrid native. “I Need to continue riding for myself, and thus show to Red Bull and to all the world that I am a fast type and that, come the day, will be able to count on me. With luck, it will be sooner rather than later”. His first year in Formula 1 helped him to acclimate to the premier class of motorsport, while the 46 points they got in 2016, with a maturity gained in a short period of time, we consolidated as a pilot of high-level.


Sainz has shown that, when the mechanics allowed it, he knows how to extract the maximum from the car that takes you between the hands. “I can Not do more with the STR12, I don’t think it’s realistic to think beyond the 6th or the 7th. The first three teams are a second faster than us at a circuit like Monaco, and two seconds in other paths. For the moment, to finish the race in the seventh position is like a victory for us. In Monaco, we finished sixth because we beat a Mercedes, so we are happy”.

The Principality was to witness his best race up to the time of the year so far. “it Was the run we needed,”, assured the Spanish. A superb classification, to which he knew how to get the most out of the Sunday race, closed a week-end round.

Monaco is one of those circuits in which you want to shine a little more, and what we have achieved this weekend.

Sainz hoped that this sixth post in one of the races most renowned of the calendar make great teams, especially that included in its programme of young drivers, they are fixed in him something more from now on. “Not all the years you have a perfect weekend in the best race of the season. I was glad to from the free 1, we went step by step and we did one lap very good in classification. In the race I didn’t commit any mistake, and was clearly ahead of the pack of one-half of grill, controlling the distance with Hamilton”.