Carlos Sainz: “it is Not our job to be extremely thin”


Recently Daniel Ricciardo has admitted that Red Bull has
order to lose four pounds to compensate for the weight of the
cars and Carlos Sainz fears that this situation compromises the
health of the pilots.

“How do you tell a driver that must perform at its maximum level
and, on the other hand, you have to lose three or four kilos? It is a
contradiction. We got to the test looking to be the strongest
possible, but you can’t with that weight loss”.

The weight is a determining factor for the speed of a
single-seater of Formula 1, in which, as a general rule, each kilo makes
losing a tenth of a second
. The teams are seeking to find a
set as light as possible and then to be able to comply with the weight
a minimum of 702 kilograms by ballasts placed
strategically in different parts of the car
in function
the conditions and the circuit. Every kilo that the driver to lose, is one
more ballast.

For Sainz, the requirement is “very drastic, maybe the pilots
we should discuss it. I have heard things that are really drastic, such as that
Jean-Eric Vergne had to do”
. The French rider had to
visiting the hospital after the Australian Grand Prix of 2014, after
follow an extreme diet to reach the weight goal. Vergne
he admitted that the weight difference between him and his partner
cost four tenths per lap. Adrian Sutil, for his part, arrived
running the heat at the Grand Prix of Bahrain that same year without the
hydration system
to gain weight and be faster, since he
it was one of the most high and heavy from the grill.

therefore, Sainz insite on that “is not insurance and is not the way
right to do so, I like to be in shape and slim, is our
work, but it is not to be extremely thin

His team-mate Max Verstappen, must also lose
weight. “I’m Still in the phase of growth, I only have 18 years. And
as I train and gain muscle, increase my weight. So that makes
more complicated. I Am on 68 or 69 right now, but it is very hard
by measuring 1.80 meters
. And, in general, my whole family is from complexion