Carlos Sainz: “it Only makes me hope to win the Dakar”


The countdown to the start of the Dakar has begun and as is almost tradition, Carlos Sainz has responded to the media in the usual press conference organised in Madrid before undertaking his trip to South america. Escorted by Lucas Cruz, co-driver, and by Jorge Tomé, Director of Peugeot Spain, the veteran rider has endorsed the illusion that facing this new edition of the Dakar, has explained the challenges that draws the rally and the new regulation and has again shown that his only goal is to achieve victory with the new Peugeot 3008 DKR.

If Marc Coma has said it will be a Dakar hard, I prepare for the worst affirmed a Carlos Sainz who soon showed the ambition with the facing of the rally: “Get second, third, fourth or fifth, it gives me exactly the same. Once you’ve won this race, do you just get in position for the podium. Only makes me hope to win the Dakar. Of course I would have liked to finish the test all these years, but I’ve had some hit and some damage. I am not concerned at all not to have on my record a third place in the Dakar since 2011″.

To their 54 years, Carlos Sainz is one of the riders veterans
of the bivouac
: “I have been so privileged to be able to devote myself to the rallies.
I was lucky enough to win the WRC two years. I was excited to be the first Spanish
to win the Dakar and I was lucky to get it. I’ve Always said that I deserve the right to be able to run until you want to. I understand that people are
ask that why I keep running at my age, the first my wife, but I think that I
I have earned the right to be able to run it even though there are people who do not


On the route of the rally, Sainz explained:
Compete to 4,500 metres and sleeping at this altitude is hard. Until when
you’re prepared you never know how it will react to the body”.
all in all, a
the worries of the madrid is the change of the technical regulations:
“The problem is not that we have removed a millimeter in the flange of the
turbo, the problem is that Toyota have given him two more. These three millimeters are
70 or 80 hp difference with respect to the Low Aragon. Try to win the
rally is more complicated
, because Toyota has been reinforced with Al-Attiyah, Roma and

with Respect to the new GPS system and navigation, Luke Cross
in his condition of co-pilot explained:Going to be the right time
where it will be more complicated navigation
. We shall never know by what side what
we have validated and we will not have the vision of the arrow, for driving the Way
about it, Sainz added: “The first thing that does not want to stop it
him, but is an exercise of self-control of both. that is why in the Dakar
co-pilot is so important
, because it can make you win or lose. Takes the
control total of where to go”.