Carlos Sainz Jr. and Max Verstappen continue with the rivalry in 2016

Verstappen y Sainz Jr.there Were some tense moments between Carlos Sainz Jr and Max Verstappen in the last season. The two young pilots Toro Rosso, with behaviors on a track that could see you have no friends, at least when they get inside the car. During the press conferences these fires, far off, were appearing even more with the statements of both pilots. Both are two great talents and want to show the team what they are worth, but that sometimes it becomes complicated situations. Although I like to have these brushes, they are fun.

From the team have already warned that which is not what you are expected to have the door open, this also goes for the senior team, Red Bull have asked Kvyat this season demonstrates that he is able to earn his seat, otherwise, one of these two young riders could be his replacement. We have already seen in the past as the pilots of the quarry of Red Bull have been dismissed by both Toro Rosso and Red Bull when they have not shown an acceptable performance. That’s why the Toro Rosso must fight fiercely, anything that promotes the show.

Carlos Sainz y Verstappen en Toro RossoThe first race of the season 2016 continues with the rivalries of the past year. In the GP of Australia, Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz Jr. have had critical moments in track, translated in strong radio messages of the Dutch directed the pilot to madrid. The FOM seems to have preferred to hide these radio messages and not making them known, at least in part, but it has been known that these have been numerous and heated by the position that kept him on track.

Verstappen said on the radio, among other things, “ how Many times have I said that I had problems with the tires? I had to have stopped first!” claiming that her computer was wrong, and favored the Spanish. When he was after the car of Sainz, he has tried to convince the team that Sainz was not able to overtake Jolyon and therefore it should pass “ can I try to pass I? We are wasting much time, let me try me! I am faster than Carlos and we’re not doing anything. wow, This is a fucking joke, really!“.

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