Carlos Sainz Jr. awarded with the premio Rey Juan Carlos

Carlos Sainz bajo la lluvia de JapónCarlos Sainz Jr. he has been awarded with the premio Rey Juan Carlos that has collected in the Gala of the National Prizes of the Sport. The young rider from madrid has been awarded in recognition for work and to be an authentic revelation in the sport landscape. Thus, the current rookie of the F1 and champion of the World Series by Renault, has been the surprise when I was attending today to this gala.

awards have delivered in the Palace of The Pardo, in Madrid, where he has presented this award to King Juan Carlos of sport for all of your work and career in 2014, when it was proclaimed champion of the category cited in the previous paragraph. His performance this year in Formula 1 is not the cause of this prize, but it sure has had something to do to be further considered by the jury.

Rey Juan Carlos junto a Carlso Sainz Jr.The young pilot Toro Rosso has gone to pick up newly arrived from Brazil for the race held this past weekend. In Addition, Carlos Sainz Jr., you feel happy of your stay in F1 and hopes to be closer to the next season, where he hopes to be among the 10 or 8 first thanks to the change of engine that will be confirmed soon. This season has been delicate, occupying the 15th position at the moment with 18 points, of the races has dropped 7 engine problems…

The pilot, mate Max Verstappen, another rookie this year that has given so much to talk about and already compared to Senna by his overtaking and actions in spite of his extreme youth, has also indicated that its goal is to “I Aspire to one day be like Alonso or even better.”. Sainz wants to surpass his hero, Fernando Alonso, but for that she still has a lot to improve and hopefully go back to having new champions of F1 in spain.

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