Carlos Sainz Jr. could end up soon in a big team

Verstappen y Sainz Jr.

Some rumors have been woken up and that it has not done more to start the season of Formula 1, 2017. Lauda, Mercedes, has commented that negotiate with Vettel, although honestly I think that is a strategy to destabilise Ferrari, with Hamilton and Bottas are a good team. Although do not know the agreements of the contract of Bottas, and Williams, perhaps the Finnish driver will only be temporary and return to Grove when Massa definitely leave…

If this is so, then Mercedes, yes that would look for a substitute for Bottas. Also Ferrari is looking to Kimi. And it is here where comes into play spaniard Carlos Sainz Jr. It seems to be that Ferrari wants to Verstappen or Ricciardo. The first is pretty tied up by Red Bull and have already pre-empted by part of the team of energy drinks that won’t let it go so easily. Whatever it is, whether you are Verstappen as if it goes Ricciardo to Ferrari, there would be a vacancy at Red Bull that should be occupied by a pilot of the quarry.

Red Bull 2017 GP de Bahrein

The young rider from madrid has already confirmed that “My plan to get into a winning car going better than expected“. That good news might make us think that it would have already come to some kind of arrangement with Renault, the team with which it was rumored that portfolio to Carlos. But all this could give a return with the information that I have given in the second paragraph. And it would be Carlos Sainz Jr. the best-positioned to cover the site that is in Red Bull if all this comes to pass.

This could happen already in 2018, but as I say still only rumors. In fact, also Fernando Alonso has left another rumor and is in a little more than two months will decide his future. He wants to continue in F1 and what you want to do on a winning team. Your patience has come to an end and if Honda does not create a good engine for that time, Fernando will negotiate with other teams as well has commented on it. October is the date set, and that has already given rise to more rumors in the paddock, some of which we have placed him again in Ferrari… In the end, are only speculations. You have to be patient and wait, maybe it will continue in McLaren-Honda.