Carlos Sainz: “The SRT12 is aggressive and I like it a lot”


Toro Rosso and his STR12 have put the brooch of gold to the
presentations of new cars
of the season 2017 Formula 1,
the team from Faenza has been the latest to show its new car in the
the pit lane of the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Surrounded by the media displaced
the circuit,
Carlos Sainz and Daniil Kvyat have been the job of unveiling the
new STR12
, a single-seater designed by James Key, with an aerodynamic
worked and presented a livery completely revamped with new shades of blue
and red.

During the presentation, Carlos Sainz explained:
STR12 is aggressive and I like it a lot. It seems a real improvement in relationship
the past year, that is what we wanted. At the end the person who really knows of this
is James Key, I can only say that I like a lot and that is one of the most
beautiful of the entire grill.
Now you need to see if it works. I have not tested it
new Renault engine, but it seems that we will also have a walk
forward there. You must analyze the test, to see if it really has improved so much
as it seems, and
from there fight with the best arguments of the year

I don’t expect anything yet 2017. I’m positive, but
until the first race, I have no idea of where we are and I do not like to put
objectives by putting them”
has explained Sainz. “I’d Prefer to do the test,
the first race, see where we are and from there we’ll see the
objectives to put
. I don’t know if I will be able to fight Alonso on the track. The theory says
that such and how we were last year, we could go back to fighting with him.
McLaren has taken a step forward as it seems, but I prefer not to create expectations
and go slowly. I am convinced that this new regulation I’m going to do

Finally, Sainz added: Has been a pre-season is very
. Since the end of 2016 we have worked for this year, but in this
look I am confident and I know that most could not do. Tomorrow I’ll try the car
and to see how I feel on a physical level. In the end, it’s hard to believe that my two
best races have been on the local circuit, which demonstrates what I
help racing here. That the test to be here is a pleasure and this is like my
second casa


For its part, Daniil Kvyat claimed: “to Begin my fourth year in Formula 1 it makes me feel a bit old, but
in reality it’s a nice feeling to be considered an expert pilot
with only 22 years. I hope that is still many years here. 2017 will be
a great season for all of us, with new
opportunities thanks to the new rules and new cars. We shall have to adapt as quickly as possible, and to do this we have trained hard over the winter. Since I was very young I have always spent a lot of time training, but
I would say that this has been the year more intenso

In relation to the STR12 that seconds before had revealed to the press, the Russian pilot added: it Will be exciting to race with this car, I think that will be the most
quick history of this sport. I should say that our car,
STR12, is truly sexy, aggressive, and unique in the world
. I don’t see the
time to start the season
. The year 2016 has changed me as a person, now I am different, and this is not
you can help me best way for this 2017, because I am
truly motivated. I can Only think to climb up to the car and go for a roll“.