Carlos Sainz visited 'El hormiguero 3.0'


The Spanish pilot Toro Rosso, Carlos Sainz, visited yesterday the program of Antena 3 ‘The anthill’, in which in addition to participate in the usual activities that the space prepares for his guests, he reviewed aspects of his sports career.

Sainz said his special relationship with Fernando Alonso, who is a friend of the family for years, and since his childhood became the benchmark to follow. “I have very good relationship with Fernando, he has helped me and I had sponsored since I arrived, without Fernando maybe they wouldn’t be here”, commented Sainz.

the pilot of The Toro Rosso scored the season 2016 as “a very good year, I have taken an important step forward in my career in this 2016”, tempoda in which he has improved in many aspects: “It enhances everything. In a second year in Formula 1 improvements of the output, the first few laps, but the experience you get in the race, knowing when to make the pit-stop, when to attack, when to jugártela, when to keep… that is what you learn more, you learn to know how to be”.

Sainz also commented on their feelings when they heard about the accident that her father suffered recently in the Dakar and that forced him to leave. The young pilot admitted that “the pictures give a lot of respect. Is a lord by accident. Gave us a fright all tremendous. He has a satellite phone in the car, because they aren’t allowed to carry everything that has 3G because it can be used as a navigation system. The average time of the accident, I received a call from that phone. Not heard anything, we were, my mother and I glued to the phone and told us that it is okay, that had fallen off a cliff but that nothing had happened. In the two hours since they got the images and what you see, and you say ‘less bad is good’. A shame because I went first and he knew he was going first. These are things that happen in this sport“.