Carlos Sainz: “We have returned to spend all”


Ninth and tenth. Those are the positions of grill for Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz and yet, the feelings are contrary. The pilot Dutch certified a great qualifying session and reached Q3 in a circuit in which I had already competed before. For her part, Sainz finished twelfth, and only the penalties of Daniel Ricciardo and Felipe Nasr have allowed him to gain two positions. Carlos Sainz had a complicated qualifying in which he accused a number of problems in their STR10, in addition to assume the enormous difficulties that is taking Toro Rosso to manage the Pirelli tyres on this track.

Well explained Carlos Sainz after sorting: “We lack a lot of grip in the back. we do Not fully understand the tires. After two curves we lose all the grip there. It is a problem we have been solving little by little over the weekend”. The spaniard added: “Still, the ‘dashboard’ did not work, the clutch was not working and we lost a minute of time. As always, too many problems that will complicate life”. With a certain resignation, Sainz stated that: “it is Not to make excuses, but whenever we last of all“.

In the key of tyres, Sainz is surprised with the operation of the STR10: With the environment lose less grip throughs. It is not common in our car because the medium tends to be worse, but here we works best”. Even so, the Spanish hoped to have a Sunday more placid, taking advantage of his position as the output and the option of fitting the new rubbers: “We have many things to analyze, but there is nothing lost. It’s going to be plenty of cars that have posts from a penalty and we go with new rubber. It can be a good career, but gives me rage because today we have gone back to spending all“.


Max Verstappen managed to enter Q3 after it to set a good
classification. Finished tenth with a time of 1:12.739, although during
the last session was not able to do much of anything to try to win a
plaza more. The Toro Rosso in this track is not as competitive as in
other scenarios, although the pilot Dutch showed more comfortable than your
computer throughout the day. Verstapenn not had so many
problems such as Sainz, but he also knows that Sunday’s race in
Interlagos will be complicated by the management of tires that can do
in the path brazilian.

“Today was a good session
classification. I Think we can be very happy, since we have been
able to get into Q3. It is not something that I thought I could accomplish in
the day of today”
explains Verstappen. The Dutch also added:
Interlagos is not the best circuit for us, but still
we managed to do so well, ranking ahead of the Lotus, our
main competitors and be close to the positions of the Red Bull. I hope
a difficult race tomorrow, especially in relation to the
tires. Everything will depend on a lot of the strategy, but we have a good
car and really want to do well