Carlos Sainz: “We will climb the F1 a Super F1”


Carlos Sainz has been one of the protagonists of the event
organized by Estrella Galicia 0,0
in the Shopping Center Moraleja Green
Madrid and has also taken part Alex Rins pilot Suzuki
During the event,
Sainz has been able to review the timeliness of the Formula 1, and its objectives, with the Toro Rosso of face-to-2017, the impact that they will have the tires
Pirelli and the more downforce you are going to offer new cars,
as well as your result in the race. The driver from madrid is ready for this
new challenge which offers the
Formula 1.

– Preparation of face-to-2017.

Carlos Sainz: “I’m a little more brown. Obviously I played catch a few days of vacation after the year was so long and so hard that we had. we are Already with the batteries recharged and ready to start training. This year will start a little earlier, now in December, because next year the cars will be much faster and more hard”.

– Best memory of the year.

CS: “For me, the home Grand Prix. It is the best weekend of the year, I also made the weekend more complete. Pass in the output to the two Ferrari, to stand just behind the two Red Bull-and-roll in podium positions with the Toro Rosso was great. With everything that happened before, was going with a smile inside the helmet“.

– What accounts for the changes of regulation?

CS: “I can’t tell much of the Toro Rosso, because I know little. Until we get to the first test or even the first race is going to be very difficult to know where we are going to be by the great quantity of developments which is going to be during the year. Yes I hope that the motor does not assume a headache and not have to think in every race that we’re going to take 15 or 20 km/h. It is the only thing I ask to 2017. I’m confident with Toro Rosso because in these two years has shown that it makes good chassis and I hope that the policy change will benefit us and let us know to take advantage of it. We know that we’re not going to fight for the World, but that allows us to fight for points“.


– what Would you do the same thing that has made Rosberg?

CS: “I personally I don’t think that it did. I’m not in that position, hopefully one day he will be. I like both what I do and I think I still have a long journey ahead that even if you earn one, two or three titles I don’t think I want to retire. In addition, the victory is like a drug, so to speak, and provided that I have gained in lower categories I have desired to win more. I don’t think that is my case.”

– are You surprised by the decision of Rosberg?

CS: “just Like you. I was playing golf and I opened the phone four hours later, I had many missed calls and messages from my friends coment├índome what of Nico Rosberg. I was just as amazed that you, I guess. Go out and give the face and that you are not ready to fight for another World, that you don’t have the same motivation, as there are also take a couple. Therefore, respect fully your decision and I know that if I have done because now you have a bigger thing in your life as it is the family and your daughter. I didn’t expect it for nothing“.

– is There a real choice to put yourself at the controls of the Mercedes? Would you like to have?

CS: “Man, by apetecerme… who does not? I see it as a real option, but not for 2017 because I already have the mind totally centered on Toro Rosso and do a third year with them equal to or better than this. The goal, as I have said many times is in 2018 take a big step towards one of the computers in the factory and be able to start to fight for the world, but all of this happens by doing a good 2017, and now in the winter there is no other that focus on preparing and think only Toro Rosso and go for it all“.


– Valuation on the Pirelli tyres.

CS: “The tire is much larger and will give us much more grip, but it is difficult to know how much more because it has not been tested on a real car of 2017. It has tried to reach out to the downforce levels of the cars of 2015 with spoilers of 2017, but I don’t think they’ve succeeded. The first test in Barcelona will be a new experience for me, for computers, for engineers and for Pirelli. It is something that I would like to start a F1 from zero at the pilots with less experience as I have the same stuff in those cars that a Vettel or an Alonso.

in Addition, the car is going to go 3 or 4 seconds per lap faster, it is a different category. It is like going up from GP2 to F1, now let’s upload of the F1 to a ‘Super F1’. It is just what Formula 1 needs, I’m eager to hop in the car and have fun”.

– Degradation more stable tire.

CS: “In terms of tires I don’t know if they’re going to get a degradation more stable. It is very complicated to do what we asked, which is a tire that will force racing to two or three stops, but I let you pull-to-stop for 20 laps. It is the philosophy that had Michelin or Bridgestone, so I hope Pirelli with the few test that have and the few tools that have you get it. It would be ideal. Go to two or three stops, but with a tyre that let you pull 100% and is physically hard. Give the 70 laps with a car five seconds faster, all the while pulling non-stop. Is what the pilots ask“.

– what Will be the downforce a problem at the time of advance?

CS: “Follow the car in front and overtaking will be more difficult. the more aerodynamic drag there is, as for example in Monaco or Barcelona it is more difficult to overtake. At the same time I also believe that there will be more slipstream. At the end we will spend more time on the line, we’ll let you pick the speed that we have caught this year that were 360 or 370 km/h. You are going to reduce in 30 or 40 km/h, the DRS is going to have more effect and will have more slipstream. So I wish one thing would compensate the other and the racing are just as exciting or more. At the end you have to see the people on television are those Formula 1 cars with which I grew up and see the pilots get off almost fainted of tiredness. That is what I want to see, rather than overtaking, car spectacular and pilots to get off the car after a fun, but very tired“.