Carlsson and Mercedes tuneados, saved from bankruptcy at the last moment

Carlsson is one of the coaches with more character than Mercedes. You do not have the baggage of Brabus or the official character of AMG, but has a creditable third position, at least in my ranking mental. Be that as it may, was unaware that this preparer was on the verge of bankruptcy absolute. Apparently, the company went into liquidation in April of this same year, but continued to attend car shows and presenting new products. Few knew of his precarious state, and it might be what they ended up saving of the disaster.

Their sales were reduced to almost half in 2014, with respect to its buoyant 2013.

The sales of Carlsson were 30 million euros in 2013, but in 2014 were reduced to only 18 million euros. A reduction of 12 million euros, which is not allowed to pay bills to suppliers or even to pay employees on time. For this reason, Carlsson – founded in 1989 by Andreas and Rolf Hartge – was forced to filing for bankruptcy makes it just 8 months. At that time, 70% of the company was owned by a chinese company, called Zhongsheng Group Holdings Ltd.


we don’t know if the ownership by a chinese company had to do in your financial situation, but the illusion of normalcy projected by the preparer has made several suitors to knock at his door. Reviewing now our “library” I have seen that 2014 was a year exempt from new products Carlsson, perhaps because such a precarious financial. Up to four companies made offers by Carlsson, being the south Korean Sambo Motors Co. Ltd. the who has finally become the new owner of Carlsson.

The good news is that you have committed to respecting the employment and the continuity of the brand, injecting financial blood in the veins dry of the company. Good news, everything continues as it should.

Source: GTSpirit
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