Carmena pressed, but do not drown: if you have been fined more than 70 km/h on the M-30 will withdraw the fine

Good news, and above all sensibly. The Madrid city Council fined 165 drivers exceeding the 70 km/h on the M-30, during the traffic restrictions that took place on the occasion of the episode of high pollution. The application, for the first time, of restrictions more rigid to date to try to reduce the concentration of NO2 in the atmosphere of the capital, demonstrated – on the one hand – the lack of organization of the executive madrid to put in place the measures envisaged by the protocol. On the other hand, put to the test the communication ability of the City to reach all drivers. After which, the team of Manuela Carmena has announced that exceptionally these 165 fines will be void.

last week were taken for the first time some of the most stringent measures that we have seen to restrict traffic in an episode of contamination.

During the past week was already launched a few messages that pointed in this direction, the advocate for the removal of fines, or to exercise a role of communication, and not persecution, to ensure the enforcement of the measures. The aim of the city Council of Madrid was not other that to avoid the discontent of the drivers, who on Thursday found themselves with a limit of 70 km/h on the M-30 (in sections that are usually delimited to 90 km/h) and in the access roads to Madrid from the ring road M-40.

on Friday, the situation is still worsening more, when the city Council announced practically at the edge of the morning, from 6 in the morning could not park in the area regulated by the BE (car parks inside the M-30) without a resident card.


How do you intend to Madrid city Council address the problem later?

The city Council wants to review the protocol to increase the number of preventive measures and avoid reaching to the restrictions of traffic, or even restrict the passage of vehicles with license plates even or odd.

According to the Council, its objective is to to improve channels of communication and warning of the measures that could be carried out several days in advance. Let us remember that, until the night, the levels of pollutants such as NO2 can raise enough to increase the restrictions, or descend enough to lift these restrictions. But, on the other hand, the influence of the meteorology in episodes such as the last week can facilitate the prediction of these.

on the other hand, the team of Manuela Carmena also would have made public his intention of adding modifications to the protocol of pollution in Madrid (approved in march by their predecessors in office), with the objective of increasing preventive measures. That is to say, some of the measures envisaged by the protocol, such as the reduction of the speed in the M-30, or incentivise the public transport, would be undertaken before the situation grow worse, before it was necessary to limit the traffic on the “central core”, or even limit the traffic to tuition even or odd.

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