“Cars of Cuba”, the photobook definitive about the cars cubans

The caribbean island was frozen in time when it succeeded the coup of Fidel Castro. The import of vehicles was paralyzed, and the cubans had need to work with all kinds of sugar to keep these cars in a state of circulation is decent.

Piotr Degler has done an exceptional photographic work that is at our disposal at a very reasonable price, considering the quality of the work and the form of presentation. Seeks to bring together through collective financing 30,000 euros. It may seem a lot of money, but being in Cuba for a month, with professional equipment, printing costs aside, is not very cheap.

You can collaborate from 25 up to 4,000 euros, the higher the contribution, the more we get in return. The book is available from 50 euros. The author makes it clear that the photos have no retouching beyond what is elementary, and which were spontaneous images. From a humble BMW Isetta up to a Mercedes 300SL, working or in a dilapidated state, we have all the means imaginable.

For those who do not know Piotr Degler, is a professional photographer who has collaborated with manufacturers such as Ferrari or SEAT, and whose works have been seen in publications of great prestige such as Top Gear, Quattroroute, or Octane. The project has already raised over € 25,000 and you can collaborate until the 15 of January. If not reached to the sum of 30,000 euros, all donors will get their money back.

shipments will begin in march, to any part of the world. By courtesy of the author, we uploaded a small selection of their photographs to illustrate this article. The rest of the information can be found on KickStarter, yes, in English.