Cars of occasion are more and more old in Spain


The market of cars of occasion is living a sweet moment, is the preferred option of purchase of the spaniards from several years ago. Shopping patterns have changed quite a bit, every time you buy used cars are older, and the percentage of models below the 10-year continues to decline.

The chart is pretty clear. In the years of economic boom (2007 was the last) when purchasing a used almost 8 out of every 10 trades done with a model less than 10 years. Now more than half of the operations are done with cars that exceed the 10 years, that come to cost the tenth part than when they were new.

Behind these figures there are several explanations, which can be summarized in:

  • the impact of the economic crisis: the cars will hold up over time and is delayed the purchase of a new or more modern
  • models “old” of the present era are much more usable in day-to-day for reasons of safety or emissions than their counterparts a few years ago
  • The sudden drop in enrollment since 2008 has been raising year after year the average age of the park, the availability of role models young people is not the same
age Groups in cars relative Size (year 2014)
From 0 to 5 years to 17.06%
Of 5 to 10 years 28,82%
More than 10 years 54,12%

According to Audatex, this tendency to buy cars every time more ancient is a faithful reflection of the reality of the market, where passenger cars have an average of more than 11 years of age, or what is the same, more than half of the fleet Spanish over 11 years.

so is That wrong? As you look at it. According to the DGT and stakeholders of the motor, the old cars are always more dangerous and polluting than the new ones. This can be more or less debatable, but the effect “old car” is not so pronounced when we do certain comparisons.

For example, a car of 11 years old current account with standard ABS, at least dual airbags, very probably will have electronic stability control, and in the worst case, it complies with the regulations Euro 4 (yellow sticker/B on diesel or green in gasoline).


A berlina of high range as the Audi A4 has plenty of life with 10 years or more, and is shooting for a very affordable price. In the safety and emissions is not a final model, but is on an excellent level

If we go to the year 2000, a car of 11 years did not have these safety systems if it was not very high-end, it is safer to not having ni catalyst (gasoline), and of course neither the catalyst nor the particulate filter in the diesel. The quality of the cars available has improved a lot, and we must understand that the mechanical reliability has gone to better.

What is the current situation of the fleet to Spanish? the latest data from the DGT are the 2014. Models from 0 to 5 years amounted to 17.06% of the market, the 5 to 10 years the 28,82%, and the older the 54,12%. If we look at the column 2014 the first graph, the percentages are practically nailed.

therefore, yes, we can confirm that the second-hand vehicles -second-or nth-hand – sold in relation to the actual availability of cars. If there are more models “old” it is understandable that to move further in the world of VO. This is not a sudden love of the Spanish for the “classics”, which in any case are models that exceed 15 years.

There are models of “old” very interesting, as the first Opel Astra OPC

The next year the 56% of the fleet will exceed 10 years, at around 16 million. Age is the determining factor that sets the price of a used car (to buy it or sell it), and in a second plane, the mileage, if it has been properly maintained, if you are good sheet metal and paint, etc

20% of The value is lost nothing more to put the car on the street

nonetheless, cars increasingly veterans on the roads means that it takes a major investment to sell with the maximum value and minor problems for the new owner. According to Audatex put the cars used in the market resulted in an average of 750 euros, which means something more than a thorough review with all the necessary fluids.

A car with less maintenance you can sell, obviously, but it will take more time to find a buyer. The new owners are still clear that they want to buy a car, do not have an additional problem. That has not changed.