Cars Rarunos: Mitsubishi RVR, the grandfather of the ASX was a minivan, targa

The Mitsubishi ASX is one of the most successful models of the japanese brand in all over the world. In their country of origin is called Mitsubishi RVR and the current is the third generation of a name that debuted on the market back in 1991. By then the concept was markedly different.

while the ASX plays in the league of the SUV, the RVR of the first generation was born as a minivan. That model came to Spain such as Mitsubishi Space Runner , and stood in the range of the brand of the three diamonds between the Space Star (more compact) and Space Wagon (seven-seater).

The RVR of the 90 that was sold at dealerships Spanish was identical to the japanese. It had five seats and an excellent habitability in which he extolled a second row of seats that can be moved longitudinally, which permitted him to sacrifice part of the cargo space to offer a huge space for the legs of rear passengers.


Only the squares in front of the Mitsubishi RVR Open Gear could enjoy the open sky

The model of Mitsubishi also called the attention by its design. The straight lines typical of the period showed a body asymmetric design: in the driver’s side had a single side door while the passenger side had two since it was a back-door slider.

therefore, the drives with the steering wheel to the left to Europe, they had two doors on the right side and only one on the left, while in Japan it was the opposite (because the steering wheel is on the right). This peculiarity was the main RVR that we saw here, but in the Country of the Rising Sun there were a few versions rather crazy well worth this entry in Cars Rarunos.

Minivan and do a convertible?

The most eye-catching was introduced in mid-1994, accompanied by the restyling of the model, such as Mitsubishi RVR Open Gear. That car stood out by offering a retractable-roof type targa on the squares in front, showing a distinctive appearance. Probably the first and only minivan with a roof targa history and Mitsubishi we not only imagined but dared to take it to production.

what sense? By that time it was fashionable to everything that had to do with a active style of life, nature, freedom. So it was not surprising that, although the RVR was strictly a minivan, already had some features of the modern SUVS: there were variants with all-wheel drive, defenses and metallic under body plastic as added protection.

In Mitsu thought that going on a trip with the family was not at odds with enjoy the sensations of a convertible walking down a winding road along the shore of the sea, or climbing to a remote mountain. Some reason they should already have the Open Gear was on sale between September of 1994 and may of 1996 with a commercial result fairly reasonable.

The roof system of the RVR Open Gear was not removed as the targas traditional, but that slid electrically below the ceiling located above the occupants of the rear row. Something picturesque that is terminated with a marketing campaign that came from the hand of the animated characters from the Warner Bros with unforgettable Bugs Bunny to the head.

Minivan and do sports?

was Not the only occurrence of apparently extravagant of the range of the RSR. The car had something of minivan, SUV, convertible… why not add a dash of sporty? In 1997, already in the end of its commercial life came to the Mitsubishi RVR Hyper Sports Gear R.

The pompous name refers to a forceful version that inherited the propellant 2.0 turbo Mitsubishi Galant VR-4. Sported a body kit that remembered the rally cars with which the brand competed in those years and was not for less since it was a minivan of 250 HP.

This version Hyper Sports Gear R could be chosen with all-wheel drive permanent, or front, and with manual change of five gears or an automatic four. In the best of cases, this family car is 4.4 metres in length was able to pass from 0 to 100 km/h in 6,8 seconds. Some features that would like many coupes.


Mitsubishi RVR Hyper Sports Gear R, 250 HP for this model half minivan, half SUV

Be that as it may, in the summer of 1997, the first generation of the RVR came to an end. The second maintained the philosophy minivan and but with a sprinkling of todocamino more marked, although the versions were more traditional. In 2002 he completed his journey of trade and the denomination did not recover until 2010 with the arrival of the third generation, which in Europe has come as a Mitsubishi ASX as a SUV with all of the law.