Cars Rarunos: Skoda 110 Super Sport ‘Ferat’, the car that needs your blood as fuel

is Already here Halloween, the night of the dead. The wandering spirits are confused with the living, and both children and adults to dress up for land to others and be scared. In the automotive world there are also stories disturbing, but a few times you will have heard of a car-vampire as presented in Cars Rarunos. And for sure don’t expect that it is a Skoda, one of the oldest manufacturers in the world. Pay attention and don’t panic.

The 1970 the Czech manufacturer launched the Skoda 110 R Coupé, one of their models of court sports most well-known. Soon won a good fame in the world of competition as a rally car, which had a positive effect on the reputation of the car and its sales. Its success encouraged the brand to give a twist to the concept and launch a prototype the following year, the Skoda 110 Super Sport Type 724.

Although the base was the 110 R, the Super Sport is featured with an engine in central position. Its design was much more futuristic, showing a few lines more sharp and aerodynamic reminiscent of contemporary models such as the Lamborghini Miura and the Lancia Stratos. However, its main feature was the suppression of some traditional doors in favor of a dome folding that allowed the access to the interior.


Skoda 110 Super Sport (Type 724)

The 110 Super Sport used the same mechanics of the 110 R, that is to say, a engine 1.1 that developed 73 HP. A figure is quite discreet which allowed to reach this coupe 161 km/h of maximum speed, a data bit impressive for a sport, but clearly above what could be found in the park car behind the iron Curtain.

The concept was presented to the public at the Brussels Salon of 1971 without penalty or glory. As neither stood out for their performance ended up being forgotten quickly and spent a decade picking up dust until in 1981 a film studio called the doors of Skoda.

the blood of The driver

The study wanted to bring to the big screen the novel by the science fiction writer, Josef Nesvadba entitled Vampires Ltd. The film was directed by Juraj Herz, a man who had already seen the parade a few of their films in prestigious festivals such as Cannes or Berlin.


The spectacular wing of the Ferat Vampir RSR

it Was a horror movie, presented in 1982, and had as original title Upír z Feratu. If you’re a little green in Czech language, we clarify that the translation would be “The vampire of Ferat”, demonstrating where were the shots of the frame. It was filmed in the tone of a B Series, but maybe not outside that intent they had in mind.

Due to the plot of the film it was necessary to have a sports car and Skoda provided the 110 Super Sport to be used in the shoot. For the producers it was a great choice because the dome to access the compartment gave him a lot of personality. As this car was to play a key role had to go through a session of makeup.

The prototype of the white color was too discreet, you wanted to an image more maleficent. To do this it had a new bumper and light clusters, in addition to add a huge spoiler inspired by the supercars of the time. The final finish was black paint with red accents. In some night scenes are added grill lights additional as a rally car, which was intended to be.

The plot of this horror film has no waste. In summary, the story tells how a nurse is recruited by a manufacturer car overseas, Ferat, to perform the duties of pilot of rally for this brand and the car in question keeps a dark secret. The story is far-fetched, yes, but I do not say that it is not an original script.

The racing car in question was called Ferat Vampir RSR and I had a creepy quirk. Did not need gasoline or any other type of traditional fuel, was fed with human blood And how was the blood to function? Through the right foot of the driver, each time he stepped on the accelerator. Obviously,.

the vampires are called undead because, according to the popular folklore, they are in a state intermediate between life and death. Following these canons, this creature maleficent and mechanics also shows something of life, your bonnet throbbing. If you don’t believe look at this disturbing scene of the film:

it Was the first time that someone had the idea of a car-a vampire and perhaps this is why the film achieved some popularity in Czechoslovakia. His appearance on the big screen served to the 110 Super Sport received a new opportunity to the public to be exposed in the Museum of Skoda as one of its main attractions. In homage to the film, the model is referred to as Skoda 110 Super Sport ‘Ferat’.