Cars Rarunos: Skoda Felicia Fun, quirky fun

it was Not easy to manufacture cars in Czechoslovakia. The industry was under the strict control of the communist party and Skoda could only produce the automobile basic and outdated. After the 1989 Velvet Revolution, which brought enormous political changes, economic and also social lead in 1993 to the division’s peaceful country in the States of Czech republic and Slovakia, a new world is opened up to Skoda.

With the signing of a collaboration agreement with Volkswagen in 1991 began a new era. He immediately set to work to create the first model under the umbrella of the manufacturer largest in Europe, began the development of the Felicia. Of that model and its variants came to sell 1.4 million units, a success.

the first drive in The new Skoda Felicia came out of the factory in Mladá Boleslav, 17 October 1994. A car cut economic and practical after a few months saw an increase in their line: in 1995, he launched the family-Felicia Combi, the van Felicia Vanplus and the Felicia Pick-up. A range of the most varied.


unlike what happened in the united States or Australia, it is true that the pick-ups were not very popular in Europe. However, the Felicia Pick-up was a letter interesting, and there was another that the of boast of being the vehicle of this type cheaper than I could buy in the Old Continent.

in Addition, the Czech brand had another ace in the sleeve, the Skoda Felicia Fun. Released at the end of 1995, this variant was the most crazy of the Felicia Pick-up, and represented a a symbol of modernity of the new and flourishing Czech Republic, more contemporary and westernized than ever.

was Not intended to be a model of commercial use as your brother but a car recreational for young adventurers. Kids with an active lifestyle, as they say now. The idea was simple: we have a pick-up in economic and in general young people do not have money. I would like it if the car mola so let that mole.


Without a doubt, had to be achieved that the Pick-up out more bold and striking to attract the public. To start nothing better than a color gaudy, Skoda is not walked with halftone and offered a painted body in a provocative yellow which also flooded the interior -seats, door panels, steering wheel, gear shift, handbrake and instrumentation-.

The wheel arches, bumpers and other exterior details were colored in a yellow tone more dark, orange, or green that made her stand out these elements to reaffirm its robustness. As a car youth and cool had his wing of generous dimensions on the rear door and to delete the image spartan of a commercial vehicle the base of the cargo space was finished off with strips of wood.

the evolution of The Felicia Pick-up was heir to in paragraph mechanical. As top of the range Skoda resorted to a modest gasoline engine of 1.6 liter and 75 HP. It was clear that the fun was not going to get thanks to their discrete features but at least it was little gaston, something that would appreciate the humble pockets of the chavalerĂ­a.

The hook final and your point more extravagant were its fold flat rear seats. By releasing two latches on the rear panel of the cabin were two additional seats that are anchored to the front of the cargo space. A solution, very singular that gave the Felicia Fun of a lot of personality.

To finish off the matter, these extra seats were descapotados. Both Skoda and other specialists offering accessories of all kinds for the back as a hood of fabric to cover only the passengers in this row, cover plates for the box, or different styles of hardtop. So you could give a touch more individualistic to each unit.

This strange bet of the Czech manufacturer managed to connect with a part of the public, despite being a concept somewhat whimsical -and a little absurd also, why not say it-. The Skoda Felicia Fun was in the market until the year 2000 and sold 3.992 units, a figure that is not bad despite the fact that the traditional Skoda Felicia Pick-up was much more acceptance with 124.589 units in total.