Cars Revology creates replicas of the Ford Mustang using modern technology


Ford-Mustang-Revology-Cars-3 L you lovers of classic cars know firsthand that getting a Ford Mustang first generation under optimal conditions is not easy, beyond the high cost of the units in excellent condition.

With that in mind and thinking about those owners who want to give it a classic Mustang Cotidian to use, people Revology Cars took the initiative to create replica Mustang 1964 with an aesthetic that is so good, that it is almost impossible to perceive that this is a car manufactured in 2015.

Revology combines a body reproduced in detail with an engine with electronic fuel injection.

But inside the Mustang has Revology the most modern technology not only a mechanical level, but equipment. It has kept the original look, but updates have been brought to a point that some have left the original model.

Under the hood they located a V8 5.0-liter engine equipped with electronic injection . The propeller develops 265 horses strength and can be associated to both a five-speed manual transmission or an automatic four relationships.

It has also been equipped with power steering, front McPherson strut suspension, rear suspension arms and three disc brakes on all four wheels .

Ford-Mustang-Revology-Cars-1 The body has been entrusted to Dinacorn International , a company that is licensed by Ford and used for its construction steel that is of higher quality than using the real first generation Mustang with a format according to the customer’s choice can be Fastback or convertible.

In addition Revology Mustang Cars make no concessions to comfort because elements have unforeseen series for 1964. Among them are the central locking with remote opening , keyless entry, electrically adjustable seats, steering column with height adjustment Bluetooth link to the stereo and wipers with intermittent wipe mode, something not considered in the model of 50 years.

However, all these elements are integrated discreetly so as to be imperceptible or at least they are not too intrusive.

Its price is not exactly economical since it starts just below $ 120,000 . Revology Mustang Cars offers a year warranty no limits on mileage, plus a five-year warranty covering the transmission and corrosion.

brand purists and some classic cars enthusiasts will the outcry, but it is true that there potential market of customers who enjoy the best of both worlds can enjoy a classic, but uploaded to a newly manufactured car.



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