Cars to natural gas could be 40 million in 2025

Gas Natural PriusThe automotive industry is facing a challenge for the future is very important. The energy sources are depleting, and pollution are two elements against those that are fighting the marks and the governments of half the world. One of the fossil fuels that can alleviate some of this problem is the natural gas.

natural gas is, as the Liquefied Gas of Petroleum (LPG), a source of energy that’s very valid for automobiles. however, as with the LPG or hydrogen, the infrastructure network is not sufficiently developed as to become a popular alternative. In addition, the prices of gasoline come down to prices that are almost forgotten, did not do more than hurt your hand.

Gas Naturaltoday the cost of the extraction of natural gas has decreased so much and the infrastructure is growing to make it more accessible and safe to the general public. Therefore, according to a report from Navigant Research, the market for cars powered by natural gas in the world could reach 40 million units by the year 2025.

This figure is formed by the vehicles that are sold today and the sales forecasts that have been made on the basis of the improvements that you are experiencing this energy source. in Addition, also take into account the work that they are carrying out the brands, since many of them already have some model powered by natural gas in their ranges.

Of this report we can also extract the pressure that will suffer the marks to comply with the increasingly stringent standards, anti-pollution, will play for the benefit of the use of natural gas. In this way, to drain completely the oil that is left on the planet would continue to maintain combustion vehicles at the same time meeting the standards anti-pollution.

To finish in the report also talk about the speed with which this fuel will be extended by the different world markets. The countries most concerned by the use of natural gas are latinos, and that lower interest have, by now, are western Europe and Oceania Pacific, although their forecasts are for growth in all territories.

Source – Navigant Research