Case Anton Yelchin: there will be complaint to FCA by the selector of automatic change


Anton Yelchin is known primarily for his role of Pavel Chekhov in the new saga Star Trek

on June 19, was found without life the actor Anton Yelchin, having been run over by their Jeep Grand Cherokee. The large SUV rolled downhill out of control and imprisoned his body against a wall. He could not do anything for him, or yes? His car had been called upon to review for a design problem.

The automatic transmission of the new Cherokee has a gear selector electronic, with the shape of a mushroom. To select the parking position (“P”), you have to press a button and bring the lever to its most forward position. When you release it, it returns to its original place.

According to the NHTSA of the united States, there are 68 wounded recorded by these selectors change, because they do not provide sufficient information to the drivers when they leave their vehicles. There is the risk of leaving the car with the change in “N” (neutral) and the vehicle will not be subject on your site, despite a warning sound and dashboard.

Due to incidents, which had not been of a lethal nature, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles began a call for review to more than a million passenger cars and SUV’s. After passing by the workshop, the vehicles will be more explicit in this regard, and will be more difficult to get out of the car with the wheels free.

But Anton Yelchin had not taken his car to pass the campaign of revision that, when added to a bad ball ended his life. Left No inheritance, so that his legacy is in the hands of their parents. Your fortune is around us $ 1.4 million.

Victor and Irina Yelchin are going to sue Fiat Chrysler Group for the death of his son, despite the fact that had already occurred, the call to review, and the defect was already recognized by the NHTSA. The plaintiffs believe that FCA is responsible for the bad design of the selector change, and that lends itself easily to confusion.

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In the american market, this type of lawsuits can be very harmful to the manufacturers. They have been making several demands for throttle pedals that were stuck, cars that have been accelerated “solos” or small defects that have ended up with injuries and even deaths.

The selector change to FCA is not much more dangerous than others that are already on the market, such as the Audi Q7, where there is also a button press to select the position “P”. Traditionally, with the automatic changes of hallway mechanical, it was very difficult to leave the car in neutral.

moreover, at the time the scheme of changing the automatic gearbox was PNDLR, that is to say: parking, neutral, automatic, downshift, and reverse. It was easy to confuse the lower gear (“L”) and reverse (“R”) in low-speed manoeuvring. That is why the law changed to force the PRNDL, to put back must pass necessarily by the dead point, and the same for “D”.


If the parents of Yelchin end up winning the lawsuit, most plaintiffs would be eligible to him to ask for compensation for personal injury or material damage. However, it is not clear to what extent FCA is guilty, since the car was already likely to have been revised.

The reason for Yelchin not brought her car to an authorized service Jeep to make those changes is unknown to us. It is not so rare that an owner is not given aware of who has been invited to go through a service officer, or you may not be notified in time. You will know during the trial.

not To be aware of the NHTSA of this issue, the situation for the FCA would be much more compromised, especially if the defect was known and had been hidden deliberately. We saw a few examples of this type in the list of the greatest five scandals on the safety of the recent history of the car.