Case #Dieselgate: a week full of headlines

To not get lost among the myriad of information that have come out these days, we have grouped in four large blocks information:


Volkswagen agrees with the justice of the US and declares losses

The German manufacturer at the end of the term for give a solution to the problem of the Clean Diesel in the united States, reached an agreement in principle. Owners of models 2.0 TDI will be compensated with $ 5,000, and offered the possibility of buying back their cars, and cancel contracts leasing, or modify the engines to legalizarlos fully.

Previously already been offered $ 1,000 compensation

within A few hours of knowing the said agreement, it was announced the fiscal results 2015. Despite having had a few benefits of 12,800 million euros, as have been accrued 16.900 million to meet the costs of the crisis, has been declared an operating loss of 4,100 million. The dividend has been cut by more than 90%, but shareholders will be something.

waiting for the report of the internal investigation of Volkswagen, but its publication has been postponed. The lawyers of the company have been advised not to disclose the results of investigations, if may well be announced later, you can now put the company in danger.


Mitsubishi eK

Mitsubishi lied in Japan on the consumption of four models

Although it initially appeared to be a bombshell informative, in fact it is a relatively mild. 625.000 city cars (eK, eK Space, the DayZ and DayZ Roox) homologaron consumption lower than the real have done the tests with tires sobreinflados. The discrepancy is around 10%, which is not a stupid notion.

the scope of The scandal is limited to the domestic market japanese

According to Mitsubishi Spain, there is not affected a single car in Spain. Seen like this, doesn’t seem like a huge problem, but the share price of Mitsubishi received a hard blow in just two days, a 31% drop. our country has not arrived, nor one of those cars.

Mitsubishi lied to make their kei car would have a competitive advantage over their rivals. Collaterally has been affected Nissan, for Mitsubishi manufactures for them, the DayZ and DayZ Roox. These models have 64 HP and engines tricilíndricos of gasoline.


Results of emissions testing in road cars Euro 6. All exceed the threshold despunteado (80 mg/km, the legal limit) and have an average of emissions of 500 mg/km

Problems in Europe

The Ministry of Transport of the United Kingdom published an interesting report that has been submitted to the Parliament. It analyzed results of laboratory tests and road 37 models sold a lot in that country. None meets the european standard, nor the Euro 5 or Euro 6, as soon as they come out to road.

In the conclusions of the report did not accuse any manufacturer of cheating, except Volkswagen

The discrepancies between the laboratory and the reality of this is due to techniques “cycle beating”, but are completely legal. It is one thing to take advantage of the optimizations that allows for the regulation of approval, and quite another to prepare the cars for which only perform well in such tests (although they seem the same, not what it is).

In Germany, the KBA will ask that 630.000 cars of the brands Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Opel, Porsche and Volkswagen pass workshop. Have to reprogram them, since the emissions are very high in specific conditions of movement, and it is also something legal. In France, the offices of PSA Peugeot Citroën (now PSA Group) have received the visit of the researchers, that have already been inspected previously to Renault. For the moment the latter has not had consequences.

Daimler, under suspicion

In theory, Mercedes-Benz and its parent company have not done anything illegal, but a group of customers do not agree. The firm Hagens Berman has put a collective complaint to Daimler, because doing road testing their cars exceed the emission limits of the united States, between 8 and 30 times more. Believe that Daimler has also made traps homologando their diesel engines BlueTEC.

In the wake of that allegation, the Department of Justice has initiated an investigation against Daimler. The manufacturer claims to be working with the authorities, and that they have nothing to hide. Formally there is no accusation against Daimler, but if these are signs of fraud, we already know what can happen.

In Europe has accused Mercedes-Benz for the tests carried out on a C 200 CDI 2011 (Euro 5) at the request of the NGO Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH). The same organization has pointed the finger of blame also to Renault and Opel, to have exceeded the limits of emissions of Espace 1.6-litre dCi and Zafira Tourer 1.6 CDTI. The results varied greatly, depending on whether the cars were hot or cold.

we’ll keep you informed…