Case #Dieselgate also affect Renault


We have done 9 different tests, 8 of them correspond to the cycle of type-approval NEDC, but varying the temperature conditions and type of dyno

Another manufacturer has stepped, unwittingly, in the mess of the scandal of the emissions of oxides of nitrogen in diesel engines. The same organization that put in the pillory, the Opel Zafira Tourer 1.6 CDTI has been tested with their equivalent Renault, the new Espace. It is a unit with 12.300 kilometers, certified to comply with current legislation, Euro 6b.

The legal limit is 80 mg/km of NOx

DUH has done various tests, both with a dynamometer roller (front wheel drive) and double roller (all-wheel drive), hot and cold, with and without pre-conditioning. In the worst case engine 1.6 dCi (R9M) has exceeded the legal limit it 25 times!, more than 2,000 milligrams per mile. In two of the measurements the engine was within the legal limits.

┬┐What to interpret of these data? In the first place, it is obvious that the huge dispersion of the measurements indicates that something smells bad. The ecu is programmed to detect the features which are pre-made to the measurements of official cycle of type-approval NEDC.

In the second place, Renault is going to have a problem when the KBA German repeat the tests with the same conditions as the DUH.


This model lacking selective catalytic reduction (SCR) or injection of the urea/AdBlue. Have a device of neutralization of NOx, a catalyst, also known as LNT. There is a huge performance difference in function of the test conditions.

For the moment we do not know the reaction of Renault in light of these results, which surely will be verified. Over the legal limit at 25 times puts Renault in a position as uncomfortable as it is Volkswagen. Then, the graph with the data provided by the DUH:


As you can appreciate, with the engine 1.6 dCi cold the emissions are within the limits, or very little above, but with the engine hot, they are apparently out of control. Needless to say, the cars are on the road often go with the hot engine…