Case Dieselgate: Approved modifications to the Passat, CC and EOS with the 2.0 TDI

Volkswagen just made the official kick off for the calls to review in Europe of some models equipped with the controversial engine 2.0 TDI EA 189 because of the falseo of NOx emissions. In this new phase represents a total of 800,000 vehicles that they must go through the official repair shop or authorized repair shops.


¿What models and engines?

The German manufacturer announces that today the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KDA) has made it official that the technical solution proposed by Volkswagen has been proven. the owners of The Volkswagen Passat, CC and EOS will be called soon to review to solve the incident. The above-mentioned models are equipped with the thruster diesel two-liter with different power outputs: 110, 136, and 140 HP.

¿what is the solution?

The solution presented is no other than a simple modification of the software. As it does not require changes of parts of the appointment should be of short duration. According to the official press release, this software update will cause the motors are fully legal and will not impact on consumption, performance, engine noise and.

¿How much will it cost?

The visit to the workshop will be completely free to the owners of the affected models. In addition to announced that will provide mobility options suitable completely free for those who have to wait for your vehicle to finish the update process.


¿When and how will call me?

In the first place the owners will receive a first letter with the statement, according to the KDA, to let you know that your vehicle is within this call to review alongside all the official information. Later receive a second letter to ask you to ask for citation in a workshop official or authoritative your choice. The owners of the three affected models will be convened at different stages.

What do I do while?

As always, the release of Volkswagen clarifies that their vehicles are technically safe and suitable for circular. Owners can continue using their vehicles without limitation and with total normality, before and after review.